Talk on the Corner

To demand one to be selfless when tasked to protect and serve even when you see the worst of humanity is a lot to ask but it is necessary. Because of this there will always be a need for more to do the job than there are ones who can. For those who take the task at hand the thin blue line will be broken from the weight of the citizens it’s tasked to serve and protect if excuses are made for the failures within its ranks. Knowing, understanding, and respecting the community is the difference between being seen as the protector or the occupying force. 

The Word

Magic Marker - Seeing all as the same good or bad simply because of the job they do or the color of their skin. Look at life with a fine point pen instead that way you actually won’t miss out on the good people around you regardless of the labels others put on them.

Greatness is defined by the barriers you break, not by the ones you let hold you back.

Bmore Than The Underdog

Where you’re from tends to define you. It forges your spirit and tempers your will. Its caliber and richness will if brought to fruition serve as a reflection of you and your personality. The diversity as well as its signature way all take effect on you; grabs you and molds you so when you face the bigger world than where you came from it shows in your walk and your talk.


Where I’m from has a rich culture that spans centuries as it stood at the nexus of the founding of the nation I call my own and grew naturally from the water and industry. Its grit is unquestionable and at times to some it’s hard but to make it while you’re in it makes you stronger than whatever lies ahead. The grit conditions you to be elite amongst those who only see where you’re from by watching TV shows and guided tours.


To paraphrase Sinatra,” If you can make it here and take it beyond, you can make it there and anywhere else”. True statement indeed considering my first trip to New York City was literally like a walk in the park; same stuff just bigger blocks and more of the same people.


On the outside looking in we’re considered the perpetual underdogs even when we’re winning. When properly taken from the hood view to a world view you will bring much more than can be imagined by those on the outside. Let that “Wire” view have them twisted in the wires as you do more and bmore than you’re expected to be.

No need to take from one area that brings prosperity to redistribute to another. Tax and spend isn’t the mechanism for growth it’s the recipe for stagnation. Incentivize growth by ensuring competitive educational outlets for the youth and business opportunities for the adults who want to bmore and do more for their community.  The government need only to ensure this doesn't burn down. It is up to us to make sure this stays afloat.

Broken Windows

The flaw in the broken windows theory is when it's not applied to the broken windows and abandoned homes but instead applied to the people who live around them whether they're broken or not.