Is It A Thug Life or just a Slave Mentality?

13th Amendment- Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Don’t say it’s just property being destroyed until you’ve seen the mountains of meds your grandparent has to get to, buy, then take home in order to live. Targeted rage beats random opportunism every time. Accountability before excuses.


Bmore Accountable to the community you live in and serve. Bmore Bold than the many who give in to the many obstacles and just exist instead of thrive. Bmore Loyal to your neighbor than those who will destroy your community. Bmore Engaged in making yourself stronger, smarter, and better than you were yesterday. Those who don’t let the bad get in the way of all that is good will rise above it all.

Victories here are won by the ones who in the end are deemed able. The able ones are made that way through conditioned elite measures, hardships above others, which get them to the same levels and above that of others that have been more fortunate. So statistics that show many don’t make it proves the point and isn’t a detractor to it, and yet instead may very well be a question of whether others not given the very same unique gifts of hardship could have made it at all. Beyond W.E.B. DeBois’ Talented Tenth, It’s time for the ABLE Ones

The Code of Self Reliance and Useful Alliances

Degrees of alliances to our cause are to be scaled by others’ level of support toward our empowerment through economic awareness, political maturity/diversity, and self-reliance. We will not pick bonds that resemble that of a child and mother for we are not the children to be coddled. Take note and keep watch for some alliances are ones of convenience made for a moment not a lifetime.

Let’s keep the focus clear to be a thug is about actions not color regardless of who wants to politicize it. Decisions dictate the label.

Whether you’re a kid looting a store, a student burning a car because your team lost, a cop beating a kid on the street because he thinks the kid is bad or a crowd standing over the burnt corpse of another human being who you hate because of his race all are displaying the actions of thugs. Have less concern about how others might use it as code for the N word and be more concerned about stopping our kids from going down that path which will lead to prison (slavery to the state) or death.